Lead Management App

A desktop app aiming to simplify the process of managing leads within fast-paced companies

Fullscreen Digital Romania is a software company focusing on building complex integrated digital tools and platforms. My role as a Ui designer for this project involved designing the interface for a lead management desktop application set to launch in 2022. As the project is currently under development, I will refrain from using any names or logos of companies who will be using this product.

Defining the product as a "lead management" platform minimizes the purpose of the project. In fact, this digital product aims to facilitate the process of managing the stages a certain customer goes through, from step 1 to 100, depending on the industry and their particular practices. If used in sales for instance, the product will most probably be used for managing leads. However, the app is able to adapt based on the client's specific field of activity. Implementing automatic actions when moving from one step to another according to the client's particular needs is what makes this product so innovative as simplifying complex processes results in increased productivity.

As a Ui designer I was in charge with making sure the product design fulfilled all the requirements regarding end users and corporate needs.

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