AI generated websites

Webvu is a modern and user-friendly website builder based on AI technology. Users simply need to create an account, introduce their business name, a short description, preferred tone of voice and AI can do the rest. Beautiful websites, accessible to everyone.

Webvu is based on the concept of blocks. Users can choose from different templates and customise the design for various sections. No worries about design rules! The application will make sure to respect a chosen colour-palette and typography guide to ensure consistency.

During my internship at Webvu, I assisted the company's senior designer with the development of high- and low-fidelity wireframes for both the blocks and the application's final Ui design.

High-fidelity wireframes for Blocks:


Images & Gallery:

Text, Music & Video:

Contact Forms & FAQs:


Application Ui

Please be aware that all information used is just for the purpose of presenting the design.

Website presentation video:

For this project, I also assisted the senior designer with the creation of a presentation video for the concept using Adobe XD.

Other projects: